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Sirmour Remedies Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and distributes a wide range of medicines and healthcare products. Maintaining world-class quality standards and delivering innovative products have been the cornerstones of Copmed Pharmaceuticals manufacturing philosophy. A system of vigilant quality control involving multiple tests at different stages of production process are conducted to ensure the safety, efficacy and dependability of each and every product.

All manufacturing facilities are designed as per GMP and FDA guidelines. The plant offers significant capacity in liquid, ointment and tablet manufacturing. The Company uses latest and top brand automated machines for manufacturing of products.

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All manufacturing facilities are designed as per GMP and FDA guidelines.

Sirmour Remedies manufactures an extensive range of medicated formulations in strict compliance with rules and regulations. Our corporate quality assurance team regularly reviews and upgrades our procedures to ensure continuous improvement.

We diligently review our product quality and take consistent efforts to enhance our manufacturing capabilities according to cGxP compliance. Audits are regularly carried out to ensure quality control standards are met. We have sophisticated systems which includes an advanced camera monitored facility, sophisticated instruments and elaborate microbiology laboratory.

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